Citizens Policing Project

Dear Neighbor and Partner in commUNITY

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to consider our letter of inquiry. The Citizens Policing Project (CPP) was established in October 2018 with a plan to increase community awareness and engagement around police reform. CPP’s focuses on five major components of the process and procedures that have traditionally omitted the input and concerns of the residents of communities of color and lower socioeconomic status, and institutes methods that empower the community to take the initiative to get involved and in front of the Consent Decree implementation process and Police policies and procedures in Baltimore City. The specified focus areas are:

1) Education (Accessibility)

2) Investigation

3) Documentation

4) Collaboration

5) Sustainability

CPP embarks in a series of workshops, community gatherings and forums through which they assist local residents in recognizing indigenous leadership and creating sustainable entities to perform a structured process of involvement that is inclusive of the general population of the community directly affected by the issues that prompted the DOJ’s investigation. CPP, with residents, will perform a series of day visits that will engage different Organizations, Activist Groups and Residents.

Our most valued component of this work includes a paid training and development program for youth. Our youth component, Beyond Youth Organizing (BYO) is a group of trained youth advocates, who have been engaged in the processes that require a youth voice throughout Baltimore City. They boast their commitment to inform and influence all processes and policies that they feel will impact the future of their respective inner-city communities. Our youth are trained in community organizing and activism to understand the power dynamics in advocating for policy reform and community engagement.

In 2019 CPP collaborated with Somerset Development Company, LLC on a community engagement initiative to devise a plan to transform the former Union Hall in Central West Baltimore into a Center for Community Arts, Education and Job-Training that will engage and serve and connect neighbors in the surrounding communities, to include: Bolton Hill, Madison Park and Upton. The ‘Unity Hall’ is ideally located in the center of these communities that will help to bridge together neighborhoods that intersect residents of varying racial, social and economic status and unify those communities to diminish the barriers between those communities. The Unity Hall will provide a venue for local theater and musical events, art exhibits, catered events and similar community-oriented activities, as well as employment training, referrals, and health and wellness services. CPP is in partnership with Somerset Development Company, LLC a lead organizer to facilitate outreach and engagement with the collective community to ensure the inclusiveness of the desires and interests of residents within all of the neighborhoods. CPP will also play a significant role in fundraising for the Community Center.

 We are appealing to you in hopes that you will become one of CPP’s commUNITY partners by helping to fund our initiatives. My partner and myself have been active organizers and activists for the Baltimore community for over 20 years. We are committed to assuring equity and justice are enforced as values in our work to diminish barriers for disenfranchised citizens of this city. We know that you care about the improvement of this city and Baltimore is in a critical and pivotal place for radical change. Our hope is that you will help support our initiatives so that we can continue this necessary work for the transformation of our city. We need commUNITY partners like you who care about the safety and equity of all of the great neighborhoods of Baltimore City. Considering the great work that you have done we thought you would want to support our efforts. 

Donations by check are accepted through our fiscal sponsor;

Fusion Partnerships, Inc. 

Memo: Citizens Policing Project 

1601 Guilford Ave 

Baltimore, MD 21202

CPP meets every second Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Pedestal Gardens Community Room, 325 McMechen St. 21217, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Get Involved BE Involved STAY INVOLVED !!

Most respectfully,

Raymond C. Kelly, Principal/Director

Citizens Policing Project

~ Pray it Forward


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